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Hello, we're At Home Baking!

We are a business built around the ethos that baking is all about having fun, making something tasty and getting creative, whoever you are!

Through simple (and delicious!) recipes, essential products and a growing community of brilliant home bakers, we’re all about helping you to get baking at home. It’s not about getting it perfect, because in our eyes, if it brings people together and tastes great, you’ve smashed it!

Whether you’re new to baking or simply looking to try something new, we’ve got all recipes, tips and products you may need. So what are you waiting for? Take a look around…

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Catch up on the latest recipes, top tips and product reviews, written by our own community of home bakers.
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We’re a fun bunch here, slightly messy and certainly not perfect but hey, you have to break some eggs to make a cake! If you want to know more about what we do, or simply tell us your favourite cake flavour, be sure to get in touch.