Easy Ways to Take Your Chocolate Cake to the Next Level

Of course, you can’t go wrong with a chocolate cake… but you can take a basic chocolate sponge to the next level very easily.

Both of the cakes in today’s post started out as a basic chocolate sponge, but I created a range of different shades of chocolate sponge to add some extra excitement when slicing and serving. Next, I covered both bakes in homemade chocolate ganache and decorated with a variety of chocolate treats.

The Surprise Cake

The chocolate surprise cake is made by cutting a circle out of the bottom two layers (I used a round biscuit cutter to cut this out). After the layers are stacked together, it’s filled with chocolate favourites; the final whole layer is added before the ganache is spread over the top.

The Gradient Layered Cake

The different shades of a layered sponge cake ( pictured both above and below ) are simple to create too.

  1. Make up enough mixture to form three layers.
  2. Take one layer of the sponge mix and stir in some cocoa powder.
  3. Then add more cocoa than mixed in previously to the next layer mix
  4. Make the final layer the darkest and you’ll be able to create a gradient of chocolate sponge!

In this second cake, I used four cake tins and simply alternated the sponge mix. This one is made up of two chocolate sponge layers and two vanilla sponge layers. As with the other bake, it is then covered in homemade chocolate ganache and decorated with chocolate details.

Both of these techniques are the perfect way to level-up your chocolate bakes and impress your family and friends! These little details are so simple to create at home and they’re definitely showstoppers.

Photo by Will Echols on Unsplash

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