12 Easy and Effective Baking Hacks

One of our favourite parts of home baking is the way that everyone develops their own unique style for each recipe. Whether you create Pinterest-ready pretzels or quirky quiches, each home baker whips up a whole new take on each and every bake. Whatever your style of baking, there are some tricks that will always be useful when stirring up your next sweet snack – today we’re sharing some of our favourites with you!

1. Mixing Up

Ingredients always mix together far better when they’re at room temperature, so take any cold ingredients out before you begin your bake. Cut butter into smaller chunks and they’re warm up faster!

2. Flour Fun

When adding flour to a mix, use a regular spoon to take it out of the bag and then pour the spoonful of flour into your measuring spoon. Using a measuring spoon to directly scoop flour from the bag will add too much of it to your mix.

3. Flawless Frosting

When icing a cake, coat it in one layer of frosting, then leave it to chill before adding another layer – this will create a smooth finish.

4. A Fun Cookie Fact

The inventor of the chocolate cookie often left dough for up to 36 hours before baking it, which created the perfect cookie crumble in comparison to any others she created!

5. Incredible Icing

Heating up your cake frosting tools in a bowl of hot water is an easy way to create a perfectly smooth finish.

6. Printed Pie

To add some wow factor to your pastry or pie, crimp the edges by pressing a corkscrew, measuring screw or down-turned tong into the pastry. Your pie will bake with your design imprinted – a simple yet stunning twist!

7. Mid-Bake Move

For a brilliant batch of consistently-cooked bakes, rotate each cookie/cake halfway through its oven time. Not only will this create a beautifully even bunch, but you won’t need to peer through the oven door every couple of minutes to check if any of your home baking is burnt.

8. Consistent Cookies

Want a flawless batch of same-sized cookies? Use an icecream scoop to spoon the mixture from bowl to baking tray, and each dollop will bake to a consistent size.

9. Floating Fruit

When adding pieces of fruit or chocolate chips to a tray full of batter, coat them in flour to stop each piece from sinking to the bottom of the pan.

10. Flour is Your Best Friend

When baking anything dough-related, make sure to flour everything from your kitchen surface to your rolling pin for maximum non-sticking power!

11. Convenient Cooling

If your cake is fresh out of the oven but you don’t have time to wait for it to cool, place it in the fridge for up to half an hour to enable quick and convenient cooling time. This is a particularly handy trick if you’re impatient with icing!

12. Extra Counter Space

Run out of space on your kitchen counters to whip up those epic bakes? Fold out your ironing board, and voilà! More countertop to prop up a baking book or put aside some mixing bowls.

What’s your ultimate baking tip or trick?

Let us know in the comments below!

Photos by Monika Grabkowska on Unsplash

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