Brilliant Home-Baked Biscuit Hacks!

Inspired by this week’s ‘Biscuit’ theme on the wonderful Great British Bake Off, we’ve gathered six sweet tips and tricks to make a delicious batch of bakes next time you’re in the mood for cookies!

Seasoned Dough

Feel free to stir in a little bit of extra salt when creating your biscuit dough! It’s the perfect way to add a savoury contrast to the sweetness of the cookie – as with salted caramel!

Things Can Get Sticky

Parchment paper is often recommended, but when it comes to At Home Baking, we believe the messier, the better! Instead of worrying about how you’re going to enjoy every ounce of your delicious dough, we’re big believers in the power of a non-stick baking mat! You’ll find ours here:

The Ultimate Chocolate Chips

Can’t resist a bit of extra chocolate in a batch of cookies? Why not take those chocolate chips to the next level? Use a chopped bar of your favourite chocolate next time you’re mixing up your cookie dough for some extra special sweetness!

Decorating Isn’t Just for Cakes!

Cake decorating is a classic, so we think it’s worth creating a new twist on the creative fun for the whole family to get involved with – cookie decorating! Whether you’re drawing a sweet self portrait or a delicious abstract design, take your biscuits to the next level with some decorative details! Here’s our kit to get you started:

Extra Time and Extra Flavour

Baking your biscuits in advance? Here’s an easy way to take tastiness to a whole new level: leave the cookie dough in the fridge over night! It’s said that anything between 30 mins and 48 hours will help the flour to absorb the flavour for a super sweet batch!

Bread or Biscuits?

Next time you’re whipping up a batch of biscuits, try s witching up your flour – instead of the recipe’s suggestion, incorporate a bit of bread making flour instead! This will create an extra chewy cookie texture – you know, the one that’s everyone‘s favourite!

What are your top tips for the perfect batch of biscuits? Let us know over on Twitter and Instagram – we’re looking forward to trying them out!

Photo by Mae Mu on Unsplash

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