Zero Waste Baking Tips for Eco-Friendly Home Baking

Did you know that it’s #ZeroWasteMonth? Sustainability is finding its way into many a headline right now, and what better way to make a conscious change as an At Home Baker than to incorporate zero waste tricks into your baking techniques?

In its simplest terms, ‘zero waste’ actions are those which have little or no impact on the planet – for example, replacing multiple disposable plastic straws with one reusable metal straw minimises a whole lot of the waste that’s filling our oceans.

So how can we reduce any rubbish whilst keeping baking fun, creative and a little bit messy? As it turns out, when it comes to zero waste baking, there are more ways to minimise waste than to lick the mixing spoon!

Here are some of our favourites…

Replace Classics with Reusable Alternatives

Forget the scrunched up disposable baking paper that fills up your kitchen bin, it’s time to work with a non-stick silicone replacement, that you can reuse time and time again. Here’s our very own #AtHomeBaking take on it:

Proving Zero Waste

Need to leave your dough to rest in the fridge and automatically reaching for the cling film? Switch it up and go old school by placing a ceramic plate or tea towel over the mixture to avoid crustiness.

Fruity Fresh

Opt for canned fruit over frozen fruit – not only does canned food not require the energy of a refrigerator, but it’s often packaged in plastic. The steel from cans is recyclable, too!

Many fruits can be used to whip up delicious bakes, even when they’re overripe – for example, banana loaf is a classic when you don’t want to waste overripe fruit that wouldn’t be quite so delicious by itself!

Sustainable Storage

Plastic zip-locked bags no more – investing in reusable alternatives like jars and sealed food containers is a super easy way to keep your bakes fresher for longer in a zero-waste way!

Do you have any zero waste home baking tips? Are you going to try out any of our favourites? We’re looking forward to hearing your tricks to reduce waste when whipping up new and delicious bakes!

Photo by Food Photographer | Jennifer Pallian on Unsplash

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