Delightful Dairy Baking Hacks

The brilliant Bake Off featured ‘Dairy Week’ as its theme on last night’s episode, so we thought that in this week’s At Home Bake Off post, we’d share some At Home Baking tips and tricks for you to incorporate into your own breads and bakes!

  1. Replace water in bread dough recipes with fresh milk to create a soft, dense texture.
  2. Using milk in recipes for muffins, pancakes and cookies instead of water is a brilliant way to make them an ever-so-slightly less-guilty pleasure!
  3. Adding a couple of tablespoons of milk powder to a baking recipe enhances the flavours of almost any baking recipe – for example, add some to the next cookie mix you’re whipping up and you’ll definitely taste the difference!
  4. Keen for some quick-fix buttermilk? One tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice combined with a cup of plain milk is the perfect home baking alternative!
  5. Adding powdered milk to casseroles helps them to hold their shape.
  6. Using sour cream or yoghurt in place of milk is a wonderful way to experiment with bake textures.
  7. Want some quick and easy pizza? Mix one cup of self-raising flour with two cups of natural yoghurt (add an extra cup of yoghurt if necessary), and knead to form a pizza base dough. Forget proving, just roll it out and top with your favourite recipes for the perfect simple supper!
  8. A light and delicious mousse dessert option that can be whipped up in seconds: mix a tub of your favourite yoghurt with an equal part whipped cream and top with complementary fresh fruit compote.

We’d love to hear any of your dairy baking hacks – how do you mix milk into your baking techniques for some extra wow?

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