Bonfire Baking Ideas

Happy 5th of November or, as it is more widely known…Bonfire Night! Here at At Home Baking we celebrate Guy Fawkes Night with as many cakes as sparklers… and sometimes we even mix them together!

Today we’re sharing some ideas that add a little bit of sparkle to your bakes – this is the perfect way to ensure that extra ‘wow’ factor when spending the evening under the stars with friends, family and plenty of hot chocolate.

Bonfire Baking Tip 1

This one definitely requires adults for safety reasons, but is a great way to add some excitement to any of your favourite classic bakes! We love putting a cake-friendly sparkler ( or even a singing candle! ) to the centre of our bake de resistance for an exciting and sparkling reveal! Place on a metallic board for extra dazzling presentation.

The perfect At Home Baking product for this would be…

Bonfire Baking Tip 2

A more kid-friendly recipe here: whip up your favourite vanilla cupcakes with your go-to butter cream icing. This gives the perfect level of stickiness to decorate using edible glitter, with the whole family. Prepare multiple bowls of edible glitter in every colour and shape you desire. Let the kids run wild and create their own sparkling cake creations!

The perfect At Home Baking product for this would be…

Bonfire Baking Tip 3

Hosting your own bonfire with friends and family? How about baking some of your favourite style cookies in advance – at least one per person. Hand out your marshmallows and skewers ready for toasting, as well as a biscuit (or a few!), and toast the mallows before placing them onto your biscuits to melt. Add a block of chocolate on top (or create chocolate-topped cookies) for the ultimate homemade s’more!

What’s your favourite way to add an extra bit of sparkle to your bonfire bakes on Guy Fawkes’ night? We’re looking forward to hearing your creative At Home Baking ideas!

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Photos by Kelly Sikkema

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