At Home Baking Cake Decorating Tips

One of our favourite parts of At Home Baking is adding the extra ‘wow’ factor with our ultimate Cake Decorating Set – you can transform a bake from plain sponge to plain brilliant in minutes!

Cake Decorating Tip 1

When adding food colouring to icing, only add a tiny bit at first and use a toothpick to distribute it. Add more food colouring as you go, because it’s much easier to do so than to take it out of the icing mix!

Cake Decorating Tip 2

Crumb coats are cake-changing. What’s a ‘crumb coat’?, we hear you ask. Well, it’s a super simple but extra effective way to ice your cake with buttercream icing or frosting like a pro. When taking to your cooled and freshly baked sponge, apply a thin layer of icing across the top of the cake to coat crumbs as a somewhat priming layer. Add to the fridge for around 10 minutes, before distributing the rest of your frosting on the cake without a crumb!

Want to try out our tips for yourself? Here’s the ultimate At Home Baking Kit to get you started…

Cake Decorating Tip 3

When it comes to icing bags, always fill with less and refill often – this gives you more control when creating your icing masterpiece!

Cake Decorating Tip 4

Want to create floral patterns on your bakes using icing piping bags, experiment with twisting different nozzles when piping. You’ll see a range of effects, and you can take them to the next level by spiralling inwards with the piping bag to draw larger prints and effects.

What are your ultimate cake decorating tips? Which is your favourite piece in the At Home Baking Cake Decorating Kit?

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