Creative New Ways to Bake with a Muffin Tray

The name might suggest just one recipe, but here at At Home Baking we’re big fans of getting creative with the recipes for which we use classic kitchen utensils – they can be so much more versatile and used across a range of bakes!

So here’s our little prompt to you to try out a new recipe with a baking tool you’re using for the same recipes each time!

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Here are some ideas to get you started…

Tiny Pastry Tarts

To be filled with custard and fruit once chilled.

Tiny Tacos

To be baked with your favourite taco fillings and a range of spices.

Mini Burgers

After using the tin to bake consistently sized and shaped burger buns, utilise its design for burger sizes that match!

Little Cheesecakes

The perfect way to make your favourite cheesecake recipe party-ready!

Bitesized Breakfast

Here’s our favourite recipe for this one!

Pocket-Sized Yorkshire Puddings

This one’s pretty self-explanatory! The perfect accompaniment for every big Sunday roast with the whole family.

What are your go-to bakes for your muffin baking tray? Do you use it for other recipes too? Join in the #AtHomeBaking conversation over on Twitter!

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