Four Fun Facts About Baking

We’re big fans of home baking, from the recipe research to the freshly baked favourite cakes. In today’s blog post we’re sharing four fun facts about the wonderful hobby that our community of At Home Bakers love as much as we do! Let’s start with some global gobsmacking facts! Baked Alaska is not from Alaska Talk about confusing, right?! This … Read More

Creative New Ways to Bake with a Muffin Tray

The name might suggest just one recipe, but here at At Home Baking we’re big fans of getting creative with the recipes for which we use classic kitchen utensils – they can be so much more versatile and used across a range of bakes! So here’s our little prompt to you to try out a new recipe with a baking … Read More

At Home Baking Cake Decorating Tips

One of our favourite parts of At Home Baking is adding the extra ‘wow’ factor with our ultimate Cake Decorating Set – you can transform a bake from plain sponge to plain brilliant in minutes! Cake Decorating Tip 1 When adding food colouring to icing, only add a tiny bit at first and use a toothpick to distribute it. Add … Read More

Bonfire Baking Ideas

Happy 5th of November or, as it is more widely known…Bonfire Night! Here at At Home Baking we celebrate Guy Fawkes Night with as many cakes as sparklers… and sometimes we even mix them together! Today we’re sharing some ideas that add a little bit of sparkle to your bakes – this is the perfect way to ensure that extra … Read More

Delightful Dairy Baking Hacks

The brilliant Bake Off featured ‘Dairy Week’ as its theme on last night’s episode, so we thought that in this week’s At Home Bake Off post, we’d share some At Home Baking tips and tricks for you to incorporate into your own breads and bakes! Replace water in bread dough recipes with fresh milk to create a soft, dense texture. … Read More

Zero Waste Baking Tips for Eco-Friendly Home Baking

Did you know that it’s #ZeroWasteMonth? Sustainability is finding its way into many a headline right now, and what better way to make a conscious change as an At Home Baker than to incorporate zero waste tricks into your baking techniques? In its simplest terms, ‘zero waste’ actions are those which have little or no impact on the planet – … Read More

Brilliant Home-Baked Biscuit Hacks!

Inspired by this week’s ‘Biscuit’ theme on the wonderful Great British Bake Off, we’ve gathered six sweet tips and tricks to make a delicious batch of bakes next time you’re in the mood for cookies! Seasoned Dough Feel free to stir in a little bit of extra salt when creating your biscuit dough! It’s the perfect way to add a … Read More

Eight Fun Facts About Baking

Happy Friday, At Home Bakers! In today’s blog post we’re sharing eight insightful and incredible facts about the brilliance of baking to kick off your weekend with a bit of icing and inspiration! The Science of Sweetness Sugar isn’t just for a little bit of sweetness – it binds the water in your bake to keep everything together! Fantastic Flour … Read More

12 Easy and Effective Baking Hacks

One of our favourite parts of home baking is the way that everyone develops their own unique style for each recipe. Whether you create Pinterest-ready pretzels or quirky quiches, each home baker whips up a whole new take on each and every bake. Whatever your style of baking, there are some tricks that will always be useful when stirring up … Read More

At Home Valentine’s Baking

Heart Biscuits

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to bake something extra exciting for the special person in your life – it’s always the thought that counts, and what better way to impress them than by putting your efforts into a special bake!   Here are some quick and easy bakes to try out yourself… Heart-Shaped Biscuits Heart shaped biscuits are so … Read More