14″ White Birthday / Celebration Cake Box with 14″ Round Double Thick Silver Board 3mm thick – Select Pack Qty

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Cake Box & Double Thick Cake Card / Board 3mm Thick
Removable Lid
UK Made

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Size: 14″ x 14″ x 6″

This is a plain white 14″ two-piece square cake box with a matching lid, that is perfect for protecting your baked creations right through transportation. With sides that slot together, our G-style boxes are easy to assemble.

Suitable for events such as Weddings, Christenings, Birthdays, and all other Celebrations.

These silver cake boards are of the highest quality. They are perfect to display various cake creations, from wedding and celebration cakes to birthday and Christmas cakes. The boards consist of an embossed silver foil top surface with wrapped edges and a white paper underside.

These boards are a sturdy 3mm thick – this is double the thickness of standard 1.5mm boards. In case you are having trouble choosing a size, a general rule is for a sponge cake, choose a board 2″ larger than the cake, and for a fruitcake, 3″ larger. For larger, heavier cakes, believe the use of a cake drum board instead to prevent warping. To improve the board’s aesthetics, ice the board to the edge.

Manufactured in the UK. 100% Recyclable.

We would all the time recommend that you give the board a gently wipe before use

Large sizes of double thick cake cards can still bend relatively under the weight of larger cakes. So please bear in mind when ordering remembering we also stock 12mm thick cake drums

We offer discounts on all our cake boards and drums.

Please bear in mind. Cake boards are traditionally hand finished so please allow a certain amount of variation in size and finish. Small folds, creases, scratches bends and dents are features that can sometimes found in the hand finished products. These faults that can occur don’t seem to be considered faults.

Cake Box & Double Thick Cake Card / Board 3mm Thick
Removable Lid
UK Made
Free Postage